“We estimated the project at $70 million”

8 months later, the estimate is $130 million, payback is 20 years and the board submission is 4 weeks away.

“No problem being up and running by harvest next year”

16 months later, the fruit is ripe and you haven’t loaded ammonia yet.

“We designed for 100 million lbs annual production”

Three months after startup, production schedules have more changeovers, shorter runs, less weight and slower line speeds than you planned, eliminating all forecasted COGS savings.

The First 4 Weeks™

There’s a reason these bad things happens on every $70 – $200 million project. We all know those early expectations are set without enough time, with too little input and with no funding for preliminary design. So what to do? Our firm emphasizes conceptual planning with minimal investment utilizing a very intensive on-site effort. A proven methodology that sets expectations and justifies the investment to build support at the board level. If you just received the request from your boss for a “whatllitcost, soon, and don’t bother me with details” call. Call now!



Process and Facility Planning

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