Strategic and Supply Chain

Supply chain rationalization


M & A Due Diligence—facility, capacity, capital needs and management evaluation

Co-manufacturing RFP and selection

Pre-Project Services

Adequacy of in-house resources—Establishing the Team

Selection of execution methodologies

Expand, Renovate or New?

Problem Definition, Mission and
OGSM sessions

Project Justification



Conceptual and Master Planning

The First Four Weeks™

Capacity Modeling

Technology Alternatives

Conceptual Site and Facility Requirements

LEED Evaluation and Charrette

Logistics Modeling

Site Evaluations & Incentives

Project Master Planning

Operations Consulting

SKU Rationalization

Recipe Harmonization

OEE Improvement

Sustainability Initiatives—
Water, Energy, Solid Waste, Beneficial Reuse, Waste Water

Yield Improvement

Organic, Gluten-Free and Allergens

Capital Execution

D/B Request for Proposal

A/E, D/B, GC selection

Design peer reviews

On-Site and Startup support

Owner’s Agent Services

Training, Audits, Other

Lender Subject Matter Expert

Expert Witness

Sanitary Facility and Equipment
Design Audits

GFSI Preparation

Sanitary Design & Food Safety Courses

Food Safety Modernization Act
(FSMA) consulting

Avoiding Disputes course

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)
overview course

Conceptual cost estimating course

Customized training courses

Keynote and Session Speaker

Process and Facility Planning

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